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guided cruise on the Oder

 Explore Wrocław from the vantage point of its most prominent river. With dozens of fascinating stories that fit the interests of cruise participants, the architecture viewed from the catamaran will be brought to life during an hour-long guided cruise on the Oder.

Over the centuries, Wrocław has been built by four nations and five cultures. Regardless of the city’s allegiance, Oder has continued to be its lifeblood. After departing from the marina, we embark on a voyage across time and space, collecting the most remarkable pieces of Wrocław’s almost 1000-year history. We have planned the most stunning cruise in the heart of Wrocław for your enjoyment. Our cruise will take us to islands where, during the Middle Ages, the city’s life was centred and to the amazing architecture that has bear witness to the city’s history from its founding and later growth, through the Napoleonic wars, the Siege of Breslau in 1945, and the post-war period.

For Wrocław is our passion and each voyage, as you will see during our meeting, is one of a kind for us. Instead of a dry lecture, expect a lively narrative full with anecdotes and stories that are difficult to come by. We welcome your questions and comments 🙂

Our guide is also more than delighted to offer tips on Wrocław’s nightlife, recommend dinning experiences, and assist you in planning your stay.

So, what time can we expect you on board? 🙂

  A guide to Wroclaw Piotr Łącki
Languages: Polish, German, English

A guide to Wroclaw Tatiana Granowska-Florea
Languages: Russian and Czech

We also offer guided cruises in Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese.


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